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DiaVeda -Manage Diabetes with Ayurveda

Manage Diabetes sustainably using natural plant-based foods*, medical Yoga & Ayurveda

*Includes 30-day plant-based products to help manage Diabetes

Manage Diabetes sustainably using natural plant-based foods* and medical Yoga based on the learnings of Ayurveda

*Includes 30-day plant-based products to help manage Diabetes

INR 5546   INR 2249/-

4 daily use plant-based products included in your program

Metabolism boosting superpowder

A powerful combination of 8 herbs & spices that boosts metabolism, improves digestion & increases absorption of anti-oxidants

Diabetes Daily Detox Drink

A diuretic made from 9 herbs including Haridra & Paranti, it helps the body manage insulin sensitivity thus maintaining the blood sugar levels

Whole grain dinner soup mix

Containing Teff & Quinoa, this pre-cooked grain mix has a very low Glycemic Index and can be added to any combination of veggies.

Diabetes Flour (Gluten Free)

A great alternative to wheat, this flour is super low in GI, plenty high in nutrition, helps regulate insulin, and makes the yummiest rotis

Get the 30-Day Diabetes Reversal Program Rs. 2,249 only

Our personalised program ensures you reach your weight loss goal

Personalized Diet Plan

Our Ayurvedic doctor will create a personalized diet plan based on your current health and preferences.

Weekly Follow Ups

Our Ayurvedic doctor will call you once a week to check on your progress. You can also whatsapp our doctors throughout the program.

Yoga & meditation videos

We will send you medical yoga videos our yogis have created to help you manage and reverse diabetics related issues.