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Within 2 months, i reduced my insulin injections & tablets and my sugar level is well within control.

Our Diabetes Diet Plan includes

Detailed meal plan

Low-GI meal options, evenly spaced out during the day – so as to keep your blood glucose levels under control

Do’s and Dont’s

Maintaining a healthy BMI, cutting down on alcohol and smoking and other lifestyle changes

Recommended fruits and vegetables

Low-GI, high-fibre, high-nitrate and low-sugar raw foods such as bitter gourds, strawberries, etc

Recommended grains & dairy

Whole grain options and nut mylks/non-fat diary with low carbohydrate content and low GI

Specific foods that fight Diabetes

List of foods to help you build natural insulin function and ramp up healing

Anti-diabetes snacks

Made from organic, diabetes-friendly ingredients

Our Diet Plan Products