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Our Mission

We started this journey to help at least 1 million people get rid of their diseases through the right food and lifestyle changes. In this journey, we were extremely lucky to meet naturopaths and ayurvedic doctors who are research oriented and share our philosophy that food is the ultimate medicine. Our Mission is to empower people globally to live disease free lives by eating right.

Our Story

In 2016, Anuraj’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. He tried chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries but nothing was effective. After trying all this, he started looking at alternate treatments and that’s when his friends helped him discover Ayurvedic ashrams that were offering natural solutions to cancer. After meeting and speaking to various Ayurvedic doctors and naturopaths, we realised two things:

1. Food is the basis of traditional Indian medicines such as Ayurveda which are more effective than the impression people have of it
2. Food-based cures are more permanent in nature and do not have side effects. They detoxify and nourish the body to not only cure but prevent future diseases.

When these Ayurvedic herbs and foods helped prolong Anuraj's mother’s life beyond the best case scenarios their doctors had laid out, we knew that something this powerful needs to be shared with more people. This is when we decided to start Healwithfood as we were passionate about taking this knowledge mainstream and helping at least 1 million people get better from their health conditions.
In the months that followed, we talked to several Ayurvedic and Naturopathic doctors to find research-oriented doctors who had expertise in healing people with foods. Based on their recommendations, we started looking for raw ingredients for our foods and herbal supplements that were grown locally and organically. We visited several organic farms to understand and verify their processes, their certifications, and quality of their products.

Our Belief

"Humans, much like every other organism on the planet possess the capacity to grow and heal from within. The body is constantly trying to cope with imbalances internally as a response to internal environments (mind) and external environments (environment). And when provided with the appropriate raw materials and physical conditions, the body does this work perfectly all by itself”

Our Belief

"Just imagine, when was the last time you saw a Tiger visiting the dentist? Or an Elephant visiting the Gastroenterologist? Every other animal on the planet, knows how to live all by itself without depending on Doctor’s and they all completely depend on this innate healing capacity.”

Our Belief

"Ancient Indian physicians used to just restore the harmony and balance which comes naturally to the body. We work with you to cure your diseases naturally and bring back your body to a state of balance.”

Founding Team

Anuraj Jain


Ajay Dhillon


Bhanu Ravichettu


Dr. Amala

Lead Ayurvedic Practitioner


Lead Chef

Dr. Anjali