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Say Goodbye to PCOD woes within 30 days

*Includes 30-day plant-based PCOD reversal products

Say Goodbye to PCOD woes within 30 days Lifestyle recommendations & delicious foods* derived from the goodness of Ayurveda

*Includes 30-day plant-based PCOD reversal products

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4 daily use plant-based products included in your program

Metabolism boosting superpowder

A powerful combination of 8 herbs & spices that boosts metabolism, improves digestion & increases absorption of anti-oxidants

Daily Detox Drink (for PCOD)

A diuretic made from 7 herbs including Sahachara & Agnimantha, it corrects hormonal imbalances causing irregular periods as well as other PMS symptoms

Whole grain dinner soup mix

Containing Teff & Quinoa, this pre-cooked grain mix has a very low Glycemic Index and can be added to any combination of veggies.

Breakfast Granola (for PCOD)

This delish choco-flavoured, fibre-rich breakfast cereal is made with rolled oats, organic jaggery and a combination of all ingredients that are important for a healthy PCOS Diet.

Get the 30 day PCOD program kit for Rs. 2,249 only

Our personalised program ensures you reach your weight loss goal

Personalized Diet Plan

Our Ayurvedic doctor will create a personalized diet plan based on your current health and preferences.

Weekly Follow Ups

Our Ayurvedic doctor will call you once a week to check on your progress. You can also whatsapp our doctors throughout the program.

Yoga & meditation videos

We will send you medical yoga videos our yogis have created to help you manage and reverse PCOD related issues.