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Black Raisins

Rich in iron and anti-oxidants, they reduce hair loss, eliminate impurities from blood and reduce high blood pressure
250 gms
Best selling General Wellness Groceries Hair Fall Kit Immunity Skin & Hair Superfoods Top Rated
Rs. 199.00 Rs. 149.00

Giloy Powder (an Ayurvedic immunity booster)

A potent immunity booster and blood purifier, Giloy also treats cold, allergies and viral infections.
100 gm
Immunity Immunity Kit Skin & Hair Superfoods Top Rated
Rs. 199.00 Rs. 149.00

Metabolism Boosting Superpowder (an Ayurvedic weight loss booster)

A potent combination of metablism boosting ingredients that improve digestion and assimilation of food
50 gms
Digestion General Wellness Most Popular Superfoods Top Rated Weight Loss Weight loss kit
Rs. 399.00 Rs. 299.00

Weight Loss Granola Bars (6 Bars)

Low in calories, high on taste & nutrition. Get an instant boost of energy with each bar.
240 gms
Featured Snacks Top Rated Weight Loss Weight loss kit
Rs. 360.00 Rs. 299.00

Hair Growth Oil

Improves blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth
100 ml
Editors Picks Hair & Skin Products Hair Fall Kit Most Popular Skin & Hair Top Rated
Rs. 899.00 Rs. 699.00

Pain Relief Ayurvedic Supplements

An ayurvedic supplement that helps reduce pain and bloating without side effects.
30 tablets
Ayurvedic Cures General Wellness Period Pain Kit Top Rated
Rs. 599.00 Rs. 450.00

Brahmi powder

A superpowder that calms the mind, improves brain function and memory.
100 gms
General Wellness Mental Health New Products Superfoods Top Rated What's new
Rs. 149.00 Rs. 99.00

Orange peel powder

A natural herbal powder that maintains the youthfulness of the skin and treats skin disorders
100 gms
Skin & Hair Superfoods Top Rated
Rs. 149.00 Rs. 99.00

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